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Debra and Mike

"Mike and I met in Penticton, British Columbia at a dog show.


We started the Justice prefix in 2000 when we married and I have been breeding

and showing Cockers since 1991 and Mike started showing in 1996.


I love American Cocker Spaniels,

they are my heart breed and that is why I started to breed them;

to improve their health and temperament

and if I got beauty and brains too, that was great."

Debra Allen

"I promised Mike a big dog at sometime in our marriage

after his English and Irish Setters passed away. He had an Irish Setter when we met.


After some time I was introduced to the Belgian Tervuren and mentioned to Mike

that this might be a breed I could live with, so we got our first Tervuren.

Five and a half years later we had our first Belgian litter.

They are so much different than the Cockers in so many ways

it is interesting watching them grow."

"Our utmost priority in raising our dogs

is that they be a good canine companion in any family for their lifetime,

or to be a show dog if they have the conformation and attitude for the ring.


Mike and I are also involved in Rescue of our wonderful breeds."

Debra works part time at Kohls while Mike is a full time police officer

in their town of Gig Harbor, WA.

Here are two newspaper articles about Mike the policeman in Gig Harbor.

Police Officer by Day - Dog Handler by Heart

Police Officer Saves Trapped Drowning Dog


Mike with son Kelly

after his graduation from RCMP Depot.

Kelly is now "Constable Dean."

Debra and Mike Allen



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