The Girls

AM/CDN Ch. Justice

Gone But Not Forgotten


Ch. Mount View's Trading Spaces X

Am.Can.Ch. Oz N' Justice's U Lite Up My Life

Whelped 7-24-2012

Bred & Owned by Debra & Mike Allen

AM/CDN Ch. Justice N Sunhaven

Blue Connection


Ch. Sunhaven Talk of the Town X

Am.Can.Ch. Justice In Sherwood Forest

Whelped 9-2-2016

Bred by Debra & Mike Allen

Owned by Astrid & Steve Lawrence of Sunhaven Cockers

& Debra Allen

Justice Hey It's Legal


Am.Can.Ch. Justice Cookin Da Meth X

Ch. Che-Lee’s Razzle Dazzle


Bred by Debra Allen and Cheryl Brown

Owned by Debra Allen