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GCHG CH Justice N SoundView's

Goddess of Fire


Presented by Bethany Keene

RBIS MBISS GCHG CH SoundView’s Master of the North X

JCH Destiny Icon Moser Dog

Whelped 4-3-21

Bred by Debra Allen

owned by Judith & Eric Webb of

SoundView Cockers, & Bethany Keene

Hera BOS Maryland CSC March 3 2023.jpg

March 2023

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

at the Maryland Cocker Specialty,

Judge Mrs. Stephanie Kaul


Hera GCH Select Maryland specialty 2023.jpg
GCH CH Justice N SoundView’s Goddess of Fire Hera.jpg
Hera 2022.jpg
Hera July ASC 22.jpg
GCH SoundView's Pole Position BOS to BOV to Hera.jpg

Pictured with owners Judith and Eric Webb of Soundview Cockers.


Hera BOV national dog show 2022.jpg
Hera with Bethany Keene National dog show nov 2022.jpg

Winning the ASCOB Variety at the National Dog Show 2022.


Hera BOX ASCOB Variety Maryland CSC AM show.jpg
Hera grooming competition.jpg
Hera by Judith Webb.jpg
Hera July 2022.jpg
Hera owner handler group 2022.jpg

Candids at ASC with co-owner and handler Bethany Keene.


Hera in 2021.jpg
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